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IInternational Conference on Coordinated & Multiple Views in Exploratory Visualization 13 July 2004, London UK .

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Potential Authors are invited to submit a PDF of their submission to

Miss Nadia Boukhelifa
Computing Laboratory,
University of Kent, Canterbury,
Kent. CT2 7NF. UK


Other queries may be directed to the CMV 2004 Conference chair



Any enquires about IV2004 or the venue should be addressed to...


Jonathan C. Roberts,
REF: CMV2004
Computing Lab
University of Kent at Canterbury
Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NF, UK
Tel: (Int. +44) 1227 827571
Fax: (Int. +44) 1227 762811
  Anita D’Pour
Conference Co-ordinator
P.O. BOX 29, HATFIELD, AL9 7ZL, United Kingdom.
Tel: (Int. +44) 1707 - 652 224
Fax: (Int. +44) 1707 - 652 247

International Program Committee
Keith Andrews Graz - University of Technology, Austria
Gennady Andrienko - Fraunhofer Institute AIS, Germany
Natalia Andrienko - Fraunhofer Institute AIS, Germany
Ebad Banissi - South Bank University London, UK
Nadia Boukhelifa - University of Kent, UK
Ken Brodlie - University of Leeds, UK
Ed Chi - Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Mei Chuah - Accenture, USA
Jason Dykes - City University, UK
Rob Erbacher - Utah State University, USA
Stephen G. Eick - SSS Research, Inc. and University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Georges Grinstein - University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
John Grundy - University of Auckland, NZ
John Hosking - University of Auckland, NZ
Raj Nagappan - University of Sydney
Chris North - Virginia Tech, USA
Andrea Omicini - UniversitÓ di Bologna a Cesena, Italy
Alex Pang - University of California Santa Cruz, USA
Tim Pattison - Defence Science & Technology Organisation, Australia
Jonathan C. Roberts - University of Kent, UK

Peter Rodgers - University of Kent, UK
Steve F. Roth - Carnegie Mellon University and MAYA Viz Ltd, USA
Cristina Russo Dos Santos - Institut Eurecom, France
Robert Spence - Imperial College, UK
Martin Theus - Universität Augsburg, Germany
Matthew Ward - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Pak Chung Wong - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Allison Woodruff - Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)